Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work here without a booking?

To use a desk at The Third Space, you will need to make a booking first. This is to ensure we have enough desks for everyone in our community.

You can book a desk using the Optix app. Don’t have an Optix account? No worries, you can sign up here.

Can I bring visitors into the space?

The Third Space is inclusive of friends of family, but at the right time, so please be mindful of this.

It’s fine to show non-members around, but it is not a place for members to hang out with their friends or non-members. The Third Space is for working so please request your visitors to be mindful of other members using the space.

Am i locked into a membership?

Monthly memberships are renewed after 30 days from your date of entry into the plan.

If you are wanting to cancel your membership, please contact us through You will need to provide us with 14 days notice prior to the start date of the following month.

You can review our user agreement here.

Does the third space have wi-fi?

As part of your membership you will receive unlimited, complimentary Wi-Fi in The Third Space. To connect to our Wi-Fi, simply ask our friendly host for a the password and you will be good to go.

Does the Third Space have Power Supply

Yes, all our desks at The Third Space have access to AC Power Plugs and USB charging stations. Unfortunately, we do not provide laptop chargers however we have a limited supply of Apple and Android accessories for mobile devices.

Can I leave my belongings in The Third Space?

The Third Space provides limited lockers which you can use to store your belongings. You will be able to securely lock your belongings, however we are not responsible for any loss or damage of belongings being stored in The Third Space.

Can i eat and drink in The third Space?

You are more than welcome to eat and drink inside The Third Space. You may bring your own lunch or visit one of the many cafes and restaurants in the centre.